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Photography courtesy Ron Hart

Rilman Residence

The Rilman Residence is a three level single-family dwelling comprised of 5,700 square feet of conditioned space, located in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta.

The program includes expansive living spaces, five bedrooms, a pool cabana and an entertaining courtyard.

The house is conceived as a retreat that provides the owners a tranquil counterpoint to the hustle of Northside Drive and the complexities of modern life. To reinforce the notion of the home as a sanctuary, the structure is sited to take advantage of the natural topography, which slopes upwards from the street, forms a plateau and then drops into a heavily wooded ravine. The house is situated atop the crest in order to provide a sense of detachment from the street and allow the garage and parking to be embedded within the site, thus minimizing the impact of the automobile on the design.

3181 Rilman Rd
Atlanta, GA 30327

Design: Plexus r+d
Build: Principle Builders Group

Photography courtesy Ron Hart

The main level of the house is accessed by ascending a site stair along the front façade, or from a stair from the basement garage.

Both vertical circulation elements arrive in a dramatic two level open space that reveals the exterior courtyard, which forms the heart of the spatial system. The courtyard is wrapped by the primary programmatic spaces, including the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Keeping Room, Owner’s Bedroom and a Pool Cabana. Providing courtyard exposure to these spaces maximizes the introduction of natural light to the interior and activates the courtyard to the greatest degree possible.

The courtyard is defined on the west and north edges by a two level volume of architectural space, while the east and south edges are comprised of detached pavilions that reduce in scale and dissolve in order to allow the surrounding landscape to infiltrate the architectural envelope and affect the space, accentuating the integration of the landscape and architecture.

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