Design is Human
Segregation of Joy compensates for a useless body for tomorrow. Photography, Lisa Klappe

Segregation of Joy

Dutch designer Govert Flint research dictates technology is taking over more functions our bodies were used to execute, developing a useless body for tomorrow.

Instead of using our body for productive life, we compensate the lack thereof with leisure activities. Although our bodies are evolved to move, we tend to design our objects based on monofunctional use and posture.

Moving our body becomes a choice, a lifestyle and therewith segregated.

By observing dancers of the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Flint found movements that positively relate with emotions. Full body movement correlates with happiness.

The dynamics of body movement performance and function. Photography, Lisa Klappe.

The most static and dominant activity we have in daily life is sitting (behind the computer).

To make this activity dynamic, I made an exo skeleton chair that allows the body to move freely. Sami Sabik worked on the digital translation.

The gravity point of the body moves the mouse and you'll click by kicking a leg. With this chair the body dynamics become functional, bringing functionality more close to the amount and frequency our bodies are evolved to move for.

Photography, Lisa Klappe.


nominee Keep an Eye Grant
nominee Gijs Bakker Award