Design is Human
MIDExpo 2016 highlights. Dornbracht attracted expo visitors to the very highest quality and design innovation in bathroom fittings. Photography © Fredrik Brauer

Highlights MA! Intl. Expo —Dornbracht

Transforming water. Dornbracht's exhibit celebrates world class design and this family-run company success based on a more than 60 year old principle —that change should never be regarded as constraint, but as opportunity.

Visitors witnessed the very highest quality of manufacturing, progressive production and innovative design. Dornbracht's premium fittings have won the company numerous international awards, acting as a driving force for the developments and trends of an entire industry —worldwide.

Interested visitor chats with Dornbracht representative. Photography courtesy MA!

Dornbracht premium fittings and brochures on display. Photography courtesy MA!

Dornbracht on display. Photography courtesy MA!