Design is Human
Words: Megan Huntz. Photography: Jamie Hopper. Model: Maryse. Materials: 100% Cotton, one size only.

Megan Huntz's T-shirt redesign

Dear white t-shirt

You are perfect in many ways. You are easy to wear. You never go out of style. You are a timeless classic. So, I made a version of you that is my very own. You have a T shape, pockets, and silk bias binding around your neckline (that’s my signature). You’re not just any old white t-shirt; you’re very special! I made you for MA! in a limited edition of 25, of 100% cotton batiste. Why? Because you are so cool. And everyone who will wear you will feel cool and oh-so modern.

—Love, Megan

Megan Huntz
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