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MIDExpo 2016. Biomega showcases its latest designs for Atlanta market. Photography courtesy MA!

Highlights MA! Intl. Expo —Biomega

Biomega, the cool Danish bicycle brand, brought the future of inner city travel to Atlanta at MIDExpo 2016.

Atlanta witnessed Biomega's furniture for locomotion — including NYC, Boston, PEK Cargo bike, and the award-winning OKO —the brands first electric 'e-bike'.

Furniture for Locomotion —MIDExpo 2016. Photography courtesy MA!

Biomega says — "If you’re like us, that city is clean, peaceful and visually stunning. No less energised than the urban environments in which we currently thrive, but more pure, and more in tune with the natural world." Biomega has been a MA! PICKS since 2014.

NYC women in silver —MIDExpo 2016. Photography courtesy MA!

Photography courtesy MA!

MA! is working with Biomega to bring it's bikes to the Atlanta market —more to come, so keep checking back.

German designer Kilian Schindler examines PEK —MIDExpo 2016. Photography courtesy MA!

PEK Cargo closeup —MIDExpo 2016. Photography courtesy MA!