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Creating demand — the Design Economy at work in Atlanta. Entering new markets in the United States, Stockholm-based BAUX acoustics products on display at the Design Economy Expo, part of Atlanta Design Festival 2017. Photography © Bernard McCoy.

Talking Design Economy Revolution + Video

MA! is committed to addressing the challenges facing design's impact across Atlanta's design economy over a variety of factors — in June we invited industry experts to Atlanta to make the case adopting a design economy.

The recent Design Economy Revolution (DER) panel talk part of the Atlanta Design Festival, explored the value of design in decision-making, across industries and in sustainable economic growth.

Design Economy Revolution panel talk at General Assembly Atlanta. Photography © Fredrik Brauer.

With the services of Ortus Economic Research, MA! wants to commission a published study on the Atlanta design economy and is looking organizations, businesses or investors to partner.

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The Atlanta Design Festival and architecture witnessed at MA! Architecture Tour is driving Atlanta's design economy in a variety of industries. Architecture: Brian Ahern. Photography © Fredrik Brauer.

Design Economy drivers at work: Transportation, city living and modernity. Atlanta Design Festival partners: Design Within Reach and MINI. Photography courtesy Fredrik Brauer.

Moderated by Victoria Camblin, editor-in-chief, Art Papers, the Design Economy Revolution talk attracted a packed house and diverse audience of knowledge seekers including decision-makers in business, academia, civic, and the general public, all eager to learn what a design economy is and how Atlanta measures up compared to other cities in the United States and internationally.

Panels experts including Andrew Graves of Ortus Economic Research, architects of design economy research; architecture firm Todd Bertsch, HOK Atlanta, designer of Porsche North America HQ and Experience Center and

Design Economy Revolution panel starting from the left, Todd Bertsch, HOK Atlanta; Bernard McCoy, MA!; Stephen Miller, Design Council UK; Andrew Graves, Ortus Economic Research, and moderator Victoria Camblin, Editorial Director at Art Papers. Photography © Fredrik Brauer.

the soon to open Mercedes Benz Stadium; and Stephen Miller of the Design Council, the UK authority on design since 1944 —presented strong evidence, case studies and most importantly supporting data making the case design needs to be at the front in policy making and in business.

According the the Design Council, the design economy refers to the value created by those employed in design roles in a wide variety of industries and sectors —this includes how design contributes to the financial performance of business, the regions and areas where design makes a substantial contribution to local economies and design workforce demographics.

The refined art of masterplanning in London. Inclusive-centered design is a democratic approach that seamlessly marries private development excellence to masterplanning to infrastructure needs.

The Design Economy, The Value of Design in the UK. Photography © Fredrik Brauer.

Design Council's 80 page in-depth study 'The Design Economy — The Value of Design in the UK' revealed important facts ranging from defining design, the scale of scope of a design economy, gross-added-value, productivity —to productivity and turnover, world-class design, wages, and making international comparisons, just to name a few of the topic covered.

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