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Floriane Misslin's Universal Gender. Photography courtesy Floriane Misslin.

Floriane Misslin's Uni-Sex, distilling unisex fashion imagery

Uni—Sex : Can Universal Gender Unify Sexes?

Uni—Sex is a study case distilling unisex fashion imagery to denote its visual language and cultural codes.

Archived in a book, the visual analysis observes how the male and female body are represented in an idealized context of gender neutrality.

Such images are utopian visualisations of a society in which sexes are equal. Along with sociology and fashion history, an essay wonders if an equality of identities could result in equal social status for both sexes.

Floriane Misslin's Universal Gender. Photography courtesy Floriane Misslin.

Looking at the paradox between universality and individuality, the study extracts elements of contradiction between the unisex statement and the visual language they use.

Thus the project tempts to propose new codes for an unisex imagery fitting a modern vision of gender.

About Floriane Misslin

Missline practice resides at the connectivity of different disciplines, somewhere between visual and critical design, fashion and gender studies, sociology and its research methods. "I design methodologies and media that provide live and interactive ways to explore the entanglements between bodies and visual culture, and more particularly their relation to gender. Most of my projects are now expanded into workshop formats. " — Floriane Misslin