Design is Human
A nomadic wool workshop. Photography courtesy Guilhem de Cazenove

2016. Felt like a Sheep

Designer Guilhem de Cazenove's Felt Like A Sheep is a nomadic workshop, created to increase the value of the wool.

This is a traveling wool processing unit, created to gather the local community around the fading age-old tradition of wool processing. From degreasing to felting, sharing the know-how with a large age-range, and discussing local applications to the wool will bring new life to the wool economy.

Photography courtesy Guilhem de Cazenove

Wool has become less profitable for shepherds in this century. Nowadays, the industry is more focused on meat and milk production, side stepping the increasingly regulated transportation restrictions of the raw product.

Cost is always a concern, but with Felt Like A Sheep, shepherds will no longer be left with the cost of degreasing, washing, drying, carding and felting – the community gathers around the mobile unit and shares the wealth. This project is intended to bring the community together to share knowledge of the craft, which would otherwise be lost with the elders.