Design is Human
Design Milk founder, Jaime Derringer. Photo by Noa Azoulay.

2016. Designing Design Milk

Our conversation with Jaime Derringer, founder of the design blog, Design Milk, spans a variety of topics - from what it takes to be featured on Design Milk, to the birth of their architectural jewelry platform, Adorn Milk, to whether she'd prefer to live under water or outer space.

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MA!: You’ve clearly developed a specific Design Milk aesthetic. How do you work together with your team (including at Dog Milk and Adorn Milk) to ensure the Design Milk aesthetic is consistent among all writers/channels?

Jaime Derringer: It’s really about building trust and knowing that your team truly understands the brand. Most of the people who contribute to one of our sites have been working with me for many years now and have a firm grasp on what I am looking for.

MA!: 70% of Design Milk’s content is sent to you through individuals or schools. How do they determine what is featured on Design Milk; what’s the criteria for content?

JD: There really aren’t specific criteria to be featured, but we typically look to projects and products that are innovative, different or, sometimes, that we just really like. We like seeing unique uses of materials, interesting methods of construction or production, and creative problem solutions.

MA!: What are you seeing as trends in modern design that are moving to the forefront in 2016? Internationally?

JD: There are so many trends that it’s hard to keep up. I was just at the Kitchen and Bath show (KBIS) where I discovered at least 10 trends, so each industry seems to have its own set of trends. I think one trend we’re seeing that spans all industries is the integration of technology in a smarter way that helps improve our lives. I’m not sure it’s going away any time soon.

MA!: What are you currently fascinated by and how is it feeding into your work and Design Milk?

JD: I’m very much enjoying the patterns coming out of Australia and the growth of the Pacific Northwest’s design scene, both of which we’re trying to feature more of on Design Milk.

MA!: Are there any past design trends you’d like to see come back again? Any you hope remain in the past forever?

JD: No, I never want past trends to come back as the exact same trend… I always want to be looking forward so I’d prefer to see past trends re-emerge in a more modernized, or in a slightly new way.