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Bulbul, the Danish watch company is founded by globetrotting design enthusiast, Jacob Juul. Photography © Bernard McCoy.

Design Economy Expo 2018. Bulbul

Popular among Atlanta creatives, Copenhagen-based Bulbul is a contemporary Danish watch brand dedicated to merging time-honoured craft with forward-thinking design innovation.

Bulbul was founded in 2013 by globetrotting design enthusiast, Jacob Juul. After an extensive design-and development process spanning several years, the unconventional, asymmetric Pebble inspired by the pebbles found along Scandinavian shorelines was finally launched into the attentive media spotlight of the heritage-driven watch industry.

Visit the Bulbul stand at the 2018 Design Economy Expo.

Design Economy Expo
31 May — 2 June 2018
Woodruff Arts Center
1280 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

Pebble watch is inspired by pebbles found along Scandinavian shorelines. Photography © Bernard McCoy.

In the wake of Pebble’s global success, Facette, Ore and Oblong followed suit, and today Bulbul has spread its wings over a diverse range of languages, nationalities and continents, much like the wilful, nomadic bird that the company is named after.