Design is Human
For Board Collection, the use of invisible wood joining emphasises the quality of the wood. Photography courtesy Atmosphere & Bois.

Design Economy Expo 2017
Board Collection

Belgium-based Atmosphere & Bois's Board Collection's simplicity is its beauty.

The BOARD collection presents a strong, well-defined identity with simple lines and iconic design. Because of its timelessness, it integrates seamlessly into any indoor space, whether modern or traditional.

Design Economy Expo is open/free to the trade, professionals, media, and general public. Registration required.

8-11 April 2017
ADAC, Space 403
351 Peachtree Hills Ave
Atlanta, GA 30305

Photography courtesy Timber Group.

The design uses invisible wood joining that emphasises the quality of the wood.

BOARD is a building system comprising stools, low tables and low chairs.

Design: Julien Renault
Manufacturer: Timber Group